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Info Path will dutifully display a fairly nondescript dialog box that, at first glance, seems rather simple. Upon checking that box, you now have to choose where you are going to send form data to. Way back in part 5, you earned your CCLFD certification by creating a data source that automatically identified Homer by talking to Share Point web services.There is a checkbox that you need to tick to “enable form submission”. The default option is “Email”, but we want to send it to a Share Point document library, as shown below. If you missed that post, then I suggest reading it, as it is a great example of utilising data connections to *receive* data into Info Path.For reference, here are the places that Info Path can submit to; Now, given that this series of articles is about Share Point, which option of the above list do you think we are interested in? Back in part 4 of this series, we first published the form and as part of that process, created a form library called “Leave Forms”. Therefore, if you use the “Save” option, the “In-progress” copies of the form are stored in the document library and no data validation has taken place. Note the before and after screenshots below Spot the difference?

In its simplest (and default) scenario, the form is very much like any other MSOffice document in that you create/open the form, edit it and then save it. Most of the time, the data collected in the form is part of a larger business process.

We added some validation rules to ensure that you could not return to work before you started your leave of absence. Like everything else designed by nerdy engineers, Info Path and Forms Services can be used in a few different ways.

But at the end of that post, I showed how a published form did not obey our data validation rule, where the form was set to prohibit incorrect dates, yet I was able to click save and put the form straight into the document library. This offers flexibility of course, but has the disadvantage that if the flexibility is not well understood (i.e not reading the instructions ), it is easy to cause user confusion.

The first few posts in this series are starting to get hazy – it seems so long ago now.

To sum it all up in a nutshell, we introduced the leave form as a means to introduce a lot of key Share Point features in an easy to understand and relevant way.

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