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I said to David that I liked her, because honestly, Heidi wasn't unpleasant.He said "she was Ted's best decision." To which I responded, "Damned by faint praise..still, she seems very nice,"' he said.The New Jersey was built at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and launched on Dec.7, 1942, one year after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Rowan, executive director of the Home Port Alliance for the USS New Jersey Inc., which operates the battleship, said as he stood on the deck, which stretches the length of three football fields, and watched crews put the final touches on the installation .But along with the jokes and tales from college, Mazin was vocal in his belief that Cruz would make a dangerous president.'Ted Cruz will become the thing you need him to be so that he wins an election,' Mazin wrote. Just ambition.'Mazin said that ambition came from Cruz's upbringing: 'Ted has wanted to be President ever since his father told him that's what Jesus really, really wanted to happen,' he wrote on Twitter.As Cruz gained in the polls, Mazin said some people are wishing he had taken action earlier.'Getting emails blaming me for not smothering Ted Cruz in his sleep in 1988,' Mazin shared.'What kind of monster do you think I am? 'As for the rumor that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer, an unidentified serial killer who claimed to kill 37 people in Northern California during the 1960s and 70s, Mazin says it's impossible.'Ted Cruz is not the Zodiac Killer,' he wrote.Equipped with an arsenal of firepower, the warship steamed with American fleets in the South Pacific during World War II, firing rounds to shoot down incoming enemy aircraft.Years later, it would play a similar role during the Korean War. They were removed from the ship when it was retrofitted at the Navy Yard in the 1960s for service in Vietnam because they had become obsolete.

An important piece of firepower history from the Battleship New Jersey was returned to the warship Monday and remounted where it played a crucial role during World War II, shooting down Japanese suicide bomber attacks.

'As a freshman, I would get into senior parties because I was Ted's roommate,' Mazin recently tweeted. It's his superpower.'Mazin has been one of Cruz's few Princeton peers willing to go on the record about their disdain for him.'I would rather have anybody else be the president of the United States,' Mazin told the Daily Beast in 2013, predicting Cruz's future campaign.'Anyone.

I would rather pick somebody from the phone book.'Mazin also remembered the times that a 17-year-old Cruz would don a paisley bathrobe and walk to the girl's side of the dorm to chat up the ladies.'I would end up fielding the [girls'] complaints: "Could you please keep your roommate out of our hallway? Mazin, who has more than 63,000 followers and has written the screenplays for the Hangover and Scary Movie sequels, now fields questions from people curious about Cruz on Twitter.'Other than existing, what's the worst thing Ted did to you?

Mazin says he left the conversation without speaking to Cruz himself - something he's happy about.'Why break a streak I've had going since June of 1989?

But very odd chatting with his wife standing right next to him,' he said. 'My freshman year college roommate Ted Cruz is going to be elected Senator.

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