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Generally, the best options in terms of price, processing speed and flexibility are tourist and business visas.It's better to get a tourist visa if you plan to stay in Russia no longer than one month, and need a single- or a double-entry only.However, many people come for a short business trip with tourist visas, or to visit their friends with business visas.So, when choosing the type of visa, the only consideration should be — price / speed of processing / period of stay / the number of entries, and not the formal name of the visa.Every foreign citizen needs a Russian visa to enter / leave Russia, except nationals of some countries, including most of South America (see the full list of visa free travel countries here)./ A Russian visa looks like this: Generally, there are six types of Russian visas: 1) a tourist visa, 2) a business visa, 3) a student visa, 4) a personal (private) visa, 5) a transit visa, 6) work visa.

The invitation is required by a Russian consulate to be able to process your visa.You can get a Russian visa in a Russian consulate at the country you're currently in.To apply for a Russian visa, you need to submit to a Russian consulate certain documents, depending on the type of visa you require.If you don't have time to read through, go straight to our Russian Visa Step-by-Step section to get a Russian visa online.A Russian visa is a special document attached to your passport, that grants you a permit to enter and to leave the Russian Federation during a period of time specified in the visa.

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