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Thanks, Frustrated Hey Frustrated, A long time ago I had a voice coach who I saw once a week. He had a big wide grin and a gap between his front teeth and a voice that could hit notes I didn’t even know existed.

He also had a rare ability to make me believe in myself.

You want to be out there discovering who you are as a non-relationshipped person — which I totally encourage.

But you still want to be close to people, to be intimate and caring.

While I am looking for casual sex or friends with benefits right now, advertising this seems to degrade conversations to focus on just sex and I tend to be more attracted to personalities.

So either I meet people who are just looking to get laid and the sex is mediocre because the emotional connection isn’t there or have a great connection and break hearts when I no longer want to hook up.

But there’s another tension I hear in your letter, and I’m wondering if you hear it, too, now that it’s been a little while since you wrote it. I think you are trying to be honest with your partners, but I also think part of the problem is that you’re not being entirely honest with yourself.

It’s partly why sometimes (but not always) the first with a new person are fumbly and awkward, because you’re nervous and unsure and still learning each other’s bodies, desires, languages.

And hey, I’ve had what I thought were strong cerebral and / or emotional connections that resulted in some of the worst sex of my life!

But maybe this is why it’s frustrating for many, because a lot of people want sex to be a thing both people enjoy.

Also many people (especially heterosexual women) don’t know how to be selfish during sex, or are unsure how to communicate what they want and stop what they don’t enjoy.

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