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One of the company's earliest products was a safety set screw using an internal hex socket.

Conventional set screws for machine tool accessories used a square head that projected well above the tooling, leading to the possibility of a worker's clothing being snagged by the screw head, resulting in a gruesome accident. The patent describes a method of cold-forming a screw head around a hexagonal die.

The overall length is 13.8 inches, and the head measures 1.4 inches wide by 4.3 inches long. The company produced a number of different products, including a distinctive Tee-handle ratchet used in early pressed-steel socket sets. The upper inset shows a profile view of the wrench. The text also refers to earlier "A", "B", and "C" sets.

Note the details of the jaw construction, with the milled slot in the jaw running in the keyed opening. 22 shows a B&C 8 inch S-shaped adjustable wrench, stamped "Bemis & Call Co." on the face. The "D" set in the ad is an early model in a wooden box, but later versions of this set came in a nicely designed metal box with a socket organizer. 30 shows a 1/2-hex drive Bethlehem "Quickway" Model D socket set in its metal case.

The members of the firm at this time were Caroline E. This trademark was renewed as recently as 1996, and the company's address is given as 8400 Lakeview Parkway in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The reverse has a forged-in code "JO.." visible at the end of the handle, another type of marking generally found on Bonney tools, and recently determined to be a date code.

The sliding head has a threaded hole in the top for a thumbscrew, now missing from this example. 34 shows an 11/16-hex drive Bethlehem 7/8 hex socket, marked only with the fractional size.The Allen friction ratchet was initially offered by Allen Wrench & Tool with Billings providing contract manufacturing, and Billings then later offered versions of the ratchet and socket sets under its own name. 7 shows an Allen "Universal" 1/2-drive ratchet, marked with "Allen Universal Wrench" forged into the handle, with "Patent Pending" on the reverse. The finish is nickel plating, but with substantial losses due to wear and rust. The American Saw Company was founded in 1867 in Trenton, New Jersey as a maker of all kinds of saws. The overall length is 7.0 inches, and the finish is nickel plating. The second date refers to patent #1,199,738, filed by F. The company was founded in the 1880s by Elbridge F. The overall length is 9.1 inches, and the maximum opening is 2.2 inches. The end of the handle has been formed into a spoon for use in removing tires from their rims.The pending status refers to patent #1,261,092, filed by F. By 1884 (or earlier) the company was offering alligator wrenches with diagonally cut teeth, and in later years the company branched out into making pipe wrenches and other tools as well. 11 shows a 1/2-drive Artisan socket set in a metal case, consisting of a ratchet, flex-head breaker bar, extension, and 13 sockets ranging in size from 7/16 up to 1-1/8. The earlier date refers to patent #1,072,807, filed by F. Barnes and remained in business at least through 1909. 16 shows a Barnes 5 inch adjustable wrench of the bicycle style, marked with "Barnes Tool Company" forged into the shank, with "Drop Forged Steel" and a "W" code on the reverse. Basford Company was a maker of locking pliers and related tools sold under the "GRIPSO" brand. Basford filed a trademark application for "GRIPSO" on June 11 of 1945, with May 11 listed as the first use date. Bemis & Call was an early maker of tools and hardware dating back to an 1844 partnership between Stephen C. The company produced a variety of tools including pipe wrenches, monkey wrenches, and other adjustable wrenches, and was especially well known for their S-shaped adjustable wrenches.Allen's safety screws were based on patent #960,244, filed by W. The advertisement at the left was published in the 1910 The company's earliest products were socket sets based on a "friction ratchet" design covered by patent #1,000,878, filed in 1910 by Fred R. The patent describes the design of a gearless ratchet, using a friction cam to alternately grip and release the drive wheel.The friction ratchet went into production in 1913 and was offered in various "Allen Friction Ratchet" socket sets with pressed-steel sockets and auxiliary drive tools, with Billings & Spencer providing the manufacturing for the ratchet itself.

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