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Other short and long-term problems associated with sexual abuse include: About half of sexually abused children develop some post-traumatic stress symptoms, making it the most telling sign of potential abuse.When meeting with children, counselors should discuss experiences with them, determining whether they are avoiding or reliving memories of the abuse.Many times, children are hesitant to reveal their abuse due to stigmatization and shame, requiring child abuse counselors to assemble pieces of a figurative puzzle.In "Treatment of Child Victims of Abuse and Neglect," published by The Children's Law Center, authors Julie Lipovsky and others describe some of these signs, providing insight on how children process abuse.Their stories emerge as they set up parallel worlds to their own, allowing the counselor to observe and hypothesize, and begin to piece together an appropriate treatment plan.

To properly treat victims, child abuse counselors must become aware of some of the signs and indications of abuse.For these people, thinking about the children who do not experience these largely carefree times is tragic and horrifying, calling to mind the darker aspects of humanity.However, simply ignoring child abuse doesn't make it go away, and actually exasperates the problem, preventing many from obtaining the help they need.Other possible outcomes and disorders associated with physical abuse include: When assessing victims for possible physical abuses, counselors usually focus on the victim's interactions with other children.Children who resolve their problems with violence learn those behaviors from adults, requiring the counselor to examine where the aggression stems from.

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