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Consequently, there was an emphasis in Bonn on “low-carbon livestock,” improving soil conditions, reducing waste, and reducing meat consumption—and bringing new techniques and information to poor rural farmers.The Conference addressed areas of action on soil, livestock, nutrient and water management, adaptation and on the food security and socio-economic impacts of climate change across the agriculture sectors.You can watch all the proceedings live from here:, and stay up to date with all of the Department of Public Information’s COP23 coverage here: _____ Day 12: Friday, 17 November: The Bonn Climate Conference and the Sustainable Development Goals The Bonn Climate Conference produced many new climate action initiatives, commitments and partnerships.Another health issue that figured prominently in discussions in Bonn included the growing threat of vector-borne diseases, such as the Zika virus.While the SDG goal is about all education, the Bonn Conference focused on the need for more climate education.Education Day here focused on the growing integration of climate awareness into curricula, as well as the need for greater science literacy and an understanding of the science of climate change.After years of negotiations, countries agreed on a Gender Action Plan, a plan that calls for greater focus on issues of concern to women, and to ensure that more women are part of the process that historically has been male dominated.

For the next two weeks we will be sharing highlights here from the heart of the conference.Renewables are also having a greater impact in communities not served by the grid, and is replacing kerosene-lamp lighting in places like Kasese, Uganda.But fossil fuel use is still rising—and are causing emissions to rise this year after holding steady for three years.But the opposite is happening, as countries have found that they could decouple economic growth from more intensive fossil-fueled use.More job opportunities are now in renewable energy than in fossil fuel, and countries—and local governments—used Bonn to show how there are greater economic opportunities in the green, low carbon economy.

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