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Many police cars are now equipped with recording systems, which can deter, document or rebut police misconduct during traffic stops.Usually, the recordings have rebutted claims of police misconduct according to a 2004 study by the International Association of Chiefs of Police and Community Oriented Policing Service; In recent times, police departments have been trying to implement the body camera as a step to fixing misconduct.The police departments in Pittsburgh have been trying body cameras on their officers to see both the positive and negative aspects of using body cameras.Recording by witnesses have made a significant impact on the notability and handling of police incidence, such as the Rodney King beating.Individual law enforcement officers noted for torture and terror include Anatol Fejgin (1909–2002) and his deputy Józef Światło (1915–94), in charge of the MBP's notorious Special Bureau; Salomon Morel (1919–2007), commander of the Zgoda labour camp; Stanisław Radkiewicz (1903–87), head of the MBP's Department of Security (UB) 1944–54; and Józef Różański (1907–1981), colonel in the MBP.

Police misconduct can lead to a miscarriage of justice and sometimes involves discrimination and or illegal motives of segregation combined as obstruction of justice.

As digital recording technology usage has increased, especially using cell phones, there have been more cases of civilians capturing video of alleged police misconduct.

In response, members of law enforcement have begun using eavesdropping and wiretapping laws to charge civilians who record police without their knowledge.

Security officers in Metrotown, Burnaby mall demanded pictures taken of an arrest be deleted from a teen's camera.

This led to a verbal confrontation and the RCMP handcuffing the teen and cutting off his backpack to search it.

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