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that's hard because they're probably the worst looking team in the NRL), PETER CUSACK, JOE GALUVAO, SHANNON HEGARTY, MARK MINICHIELLO, JOE WILLIAMS. do not accidently fall on stray cucumbers (apple or otherwise, thanks Cairfree! Thanks also to Coffee Snob over the past 3 months for being a willing conspirator in Friday afternoon follies. ** Nick R strolls off to the pub whistling** So many posts, so little time to answer these days, *sigh*.....Oh bugger it we'll get any hot looking NRL player down here that is requested. There will be no expense spared, anything can be arraned. Please note, male wait staff will be oiled up wearing only stretch satin boxer briefs with white cuffs and collars, bow-ties, bunny ears and fluffy tails. Unlike Hef's bunnys, there are no taboos for our bunny boys. Posted by: Lodigo at November 17, 2006 PM See what happens when Jennifer Aniston is in charge of the typing. At least she can do that thing with her hair *peeks nervously round blogbar door, steps tenatively forward, drawn towards the bar.... Posted by: redhotpomwill at November 17, 2006 PM Dyson equals Starck - that's a big call! ), don't forget to watch for metal detectors if carrying um...special balls..remember to stock up on energizers! Jimmy, I can't believe no one has put their hand up to be the SATC Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Its time to open the Blogbar for one last time for the Barry White Charity Ball Blogbar in aid of the Rabbit Welfare League. Remember the dress rules its either Black Tie or Kinky. I would want someone who was willing and prepared to tell me if they thought I was making silly decisions. I understand what you're saying, that you're there for them so maybe it's just me. Our bunny girls will be on tray service this evening, please attract their attention should you require anything at all throughout the course of the event. Posted by: redhotpomwill at November 17, 2006 PM I previously said , but might be earlier - thinking about giving msyelf an early mark.. Yes, folks, Nigella has come across to draw the Main Prize... Paddo Tash at November 17, 2006 PM Find an enterprising technician to up the memory of your Mini to 16 Gigabytes.can be done and costs about 0. Greater sucking power than Jenna and doesn't complain about swallowing... Unshackled, Glad I made you laugh when you're having a bad day. J9, if that's Clive Owen you're mucking about with and not Owen Wilson, hand him over immediately or as Attorney-General, I shall have you arrested.... Posted by: Lodigo at November 17, 2006 PM Perhaps if I stood with my penis out, oh no, wait, it's a bit small, no one would notice :-P (did I just admit that, oh well, it has been cold the last couple of days!

Nick R, I have now got movies with giant evil bunnies in my brain - very Anya from "Buffy"......... Moneypenny - please feel free to be the Minister for Matching Hangbags and Shoes. But what happens in the Minister's office stays in the Minister's office!! well not quite polka dots but kind of like polka dots... And it's not really the money, but I do run a business and I can't afford to do work for free as much as I'd like to, but geez! Given some of the comments from mattrim, Lotus, Miss MA, Moneypenny and others there's going to be a lot of kinkiness on the loose at the Blogbar tonight. This caused my mind to wander and think of those girls out there without rabbits. I think we need to establish a Rabbit Charity to help them out.

This isn't a full-time position, more an advisory role. J9, I was going to say that I was the Keeler to his Profumo ... It'd be great to have a thanksgiving toast with you! I hate friends who make stupid decisions over and over and over again which screw up their lives, then complain to you about how crap things are for them. Posted by: earth angel at November 17, 2006 PM Earth Angel, I may be totally wrong here, but if my fading memory is correct, you are in North Sydney? My partner of 7 years recently went to a strip club and had a lap dance... Girls who have recently lost their boyfriends or husbands and have unmet needs would be able to obtain a Rabbit from our "Rabbit Library".

buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz Those rabbits are getting damn excited, Nick R says. We have had a great relationship up until now and I feel so much anger towards him. Nigella is calling beautifully: Legs Eleven 11 Cock and hen No 10 Quack Quack 22 Your place or mine? I have been on quite a few , but they were really looking for short term sex and that is just not my thing.. Use your judgement and work out what you want and be careful... I wish I was a red Esky, that way my friends wouldn't see me blush! Redhotpomwill - I really think you should have some identifying thing thats a bit more noticeable - for newbies and also so people don't get confused and end up at the AMAL table! Darling Flor, You have won my award for the most gorgeous person inside and out north of the NSW border.

Dont know how we are going to control them, when the bloggers arrive, Coffee Snob responds. I still love him very deeply but dont know how im going to get on with this. 69 Fabio is doing a fabulous job of tossing and pulling the balls, the ladies are swooning at those guns of his. Behind the bar mixing Flor's kinky cocktail creations we have Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit and The Easter Bunny (I know it's the wrong time of year but hey, it's for charity, he's a generous rabbit, ok and he doesn't have a lot to do at this time of year). As your bar host (and bunny mother) I thought it only appropriate that I dress according to Hef's uniform requirements as will all your other playboy bunny girls this evening. Discipline's Disciple at November 17, 2006 AM I love POP SHOP.. redhotpomwill, Enough Horny Bull for you, you old silly bugger. Posted by: Errol The Esky at November 17, 2006 PM Sorry, son!!! J9 has been distracted playing with her new toy, I see Owen is momentarily alone - go for it!!

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