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Her age is unknown until the end of the 4th volume, where she reveals that she is 24 years old.

She reveals very little and is very guarded about her past in New York City before she moved to Toronto.

He dates and later moves in with his "psychic" boyfriend, Mobile.

The character was inspired by O'Malley's former roommate Christopher Butcher.

The character's name was inspired by the song "Scott Pilgrim" from Plumtree's 1998 album Predicts the Future.

Bacall then created a list of "ten secret things" for each character, according to O'Malley, for fun, and many of the entries were jokes: O'Malley said that the "ten secret things" documents were not intended to be taken seriously as character background.She is capable of traveling through subspace and has seven evil exes who challenge Scott for her affection. Her hair color is whatever u [sic] desire~." O'Malley said that if Ramona hypothetically broke up with Scott after Volume 6, she would change her hair to a chin-length, "messy" bob with bangs that is dyed black and chopped: O'Malley explained that he never used this hairstyle for Ramona because it is too similar to the shape of Kim Pine's hairstyle.She changes her hairstyle every three weeks and becomes anxious when Gideon is mentioned or brought up. When asked what those facts are, she responded, "I honestly don't know if they are things that Bryan would want out there, so I'll keep them quiet.However, I must inform you that Knives was mainly being mean when she said Ramona was fat." Her natural hair colour is not stated. After Winstead learned she had the part, she began training to be the character in Los Angeles.O'Malley said "Nobody knows her natural hair color. She changes it a lot because she’s trying to figure out who she is / who she wants to be." On another occasion, when asked, O'Malley said "I don’t know… The training included stunt training, pushups, and fight training.

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O'Malley said that Scott was not based on any one person, though referring to a friend he said "[there is] is the only guy who has any claim to inspiration for Scott, and it’s purely visual — the personality is all fiction." Scott is played by Michael Cera in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. Shortly before filming began, Cera received a list of secrets (some of which are already in the books, some of which are neither in the books nor the film) about the character.

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