Aj and cm punk dating in real life

Johnson noted he was aware that Punk’s name might be chanted beforehand...and then decided, apparently off the cuff, that it would be fun to call Punk up on the phone right then and there, as he stood in the middle of the WWE ring at Staples Center., where “The Best in the World” actually gives very detailed, specific examples, the man born Phillip Brooks then opens up about his personal life with his wife AJ Lee.

You’ll almost never hear the names CM Punk or AJ Lee brought up in the WWE these days, but those attending Monday Night RAW this week in Los Angeles -- myself included -- got tons of mentions of both, thanks to megastar Dwayne Johnson.

Cena however, is admired primarily due to his work ethics.

Whether fans boo him or go extremely vocal on him (check out some youtube videos.

According to this version, Punk's angry Twitter remark, in which he seemingly trashed WWE for its unprofessional conduct, stemmed from feeling that Lee had been "set up."This sounds somewhat dubious. Wouldn't Beadle and Lee have talked before doing a segment together?

Regardless of whatever truly happened at the taping, Lee is keeping quiet about the situation, which may be the smartest thing she's done this week.

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